Church League Softball

We are looking for guys and gals (age 14 and older) from Freedom Church to be a part of our Softball team! Below are the Freedom Church guidelines and 2017 schedule. We are excited for a fun season of sport and connection.


Softball Schedule

Games begin Monday, June 5 at the South Baseball Complex. Games will continue every Monday night through August with alternating times.

Tournament scheduled for Saturday, August 12. Details to come.


Signup and Fees

The cost is $20 per person. Jerseys (royal blue athletic tees with "Freedom" across the front) cost $15 for the team members and can be used from year to year. Please register below or sign up at Freedom Church by May 26.


Freedom Church Softball Guidelines

1. Each player must pay their dues of $20. 

2. Be at field at least 15 minutes prior to game so we know who to put on the roster and so you have time to warm up. If you come late, you may not be in the starting line up. 

3. If Freedom Church does not have enough players for the tournament, we will not play in the tournament. We will not be substituting players who have not played with us the entire season.

4. Inform the coach 1-2 weeks prior to being absent from a game.

5. Encourage one another. Refrain from yelling at umpires, coaches, teammates and players from the other teams. 

6. Put your smile on, it's going to be a great time!

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