Steps to Freedom

Last fall we began an assimilation process for those at Freedom Church.
We want everyone to get involved, get connected and get revived- what a better place to do that than through
a process we call, Steps to Freedom. During this four step process, participants will learn vital information for
living a godly life, discover their giftings and calls, and get connected to other believers in the church.
We encourage everyone, from new believer to seasoned Christian, to join in on these Steps to Freedom.

Join in on a class today! You can find when the next class is, where it is located and sign up by clicking the link below.



During FIRST STEP, participants will build a solid foundation and grow in their faith through  four weeks of Biblical teachings.

FIRST STEP meets every Sunday after service for a short one-hour session.

Topics Covered
Salvation & Identity
|  1st Sunday of the month

Two Baptisms
| 2nd Sunday of the month

Healing for the Whole Person
|  3rd Sunday of the month

The Bible and Community of Believers
|  4th Sunday of the month



NEXT STEP will unpack who we are at Freedom Church by sharing our culture. It will also show participants where we are going by discussing our vision.

NEXT STEP and LEADER STEP meet for a combined session on the last Wednesday of the month.

Topics Covered
Who We Are & Where Are We Going



We believe that everyone has a place in Freedom Church. During LEADER STEP, participants will find where they fit through spiritual gift testings, learning about ministries at Freedom and discovering what it means to be a Freedom Partner. 

NEXT STEP and LEADER STEP meet for a combined session on the last Wednesday of the month.

Topics Covered
Where You Fit & Becoming a Partner



During the DISCIPLE STEP, participants do not meet for a session but are encouraged to get involved in one or more groups to stay connected with others from Freedom Church. 

SMALL GROUPS  |  Intentional relationship-based groups that meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. People with shared interests gather to have fun, build authentic relationships and grow in their personal relationship with God through a simple Bible-based discussion method called the S.O.A.P. model.

FREEDOM CLASSES  |  Curriculum-based classes with a start date and end date ~ two classes will be held each semester.

DISCIPLESHIP GROUP  |  Groups that meet weekly or bi-weekly with a focus on studying the Bible. Participants will learn how to be a follower of Jesus, how to grow in Christ-like character, and how to be more fruitful in life and ministry.