Join us for a BRAND NEW three-part series that will inspire, instruct, and challenge each person to dream and learn how to carry out that dream. In this series, Pastor Drew Becker will share stories of Freedom Church’s history as we celebrate ten years of ministry! Not only will we look to the past, but to the future as Pastor Drew shares vision for the days ahead. This series will empower you to take the next step in your journey with God.


In part one of this series, Pastor Drew Becker shares his personal testimony and story of how Freedom Church began. He encourages us that a God-given vision is a multi-generational one- that it goes beyond here and now. Pastor Drew also points out the importance of fulfilling your role in the big vision of the church, but also seeking the Lord for a personal vision. You have a purpose, something that you are called to do, and just because it may not be clear to you, doesn't mean it's not clear to God. God wants to make vision clear to you as you are in relationship with Him. 

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In part two, titled "Unfinished Business," Pastor Drew shares a stirring message that came from a recent dream. In his dream, he saw the smoking rubble of a broken foundation, and was reminded of the story of Nehemiah rebuilding the wall. Pastor Drew recounts his own story of having to rebuild the foundation of his home. We each have a part to play in "building" Freedom Church, and the Lord wants us to discover what it is He is calling us to do!  Vision often starts with a stirring question that you're called to answer. Pastor Drew also reminds us that God's vision should stir up a supernatural energy and passion inside. If you're not experiencing energy and passion, then you may not be experiencing God's vision for your life.

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In part three, titled "Aware, Awake, Arise," Pastor Drew Becker once again draws from the story of Nehemiah. He reminds us that when a vision lasts more than a week, it's probably from God, more than just a passing fantasy. Pastor Drew reminds us that to go higher, we must get lower- humility is a prerequisite for promotion. Your vision will go into action when you arise and take personal responsibility for what God is calling you to do. 

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In part four of this series, Pastor Drew Becker closes with five key points on vision. First, God-given vision should ignite boldness, not fear, inside of us. Second, vision is ineffective without a plan of action, and we can rely on God for that plan. Third, God gives favor to help you succeed. Fourth, you will experience resistance from the devil as you pursue God's plan for your life. Lastly, Pastor Drew suggests that a God-given vision is contagious, and as it is nurtured, it will grow. 

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